An Expanding Galaxy of Technological Services
  • Custom Software Applications of any type crafted for Windows, MacOS/X, UNIX/LINUX
  • Integrated Building Management and Control Systems
  • Toll Plaza and Parking System Host Applications and Reporting
  • MAGLOCK Automation and Remote Control
  • HVAC Automation and Remote Control
  • ISY-Insteon-X10 Home Automation Installation, Service & Consulting
  • Building Lighting Automation and Remote Control
  • Video-Enhanced Access Control Systems
  • Automated Video Security Monitoring Systems and Remote Control
  • NAPCO Security Systems
  • Aprilaire Communicating HVAC Systems (8825/8826/8870/8800) with Custom 8825 Java Applications
  • Samsung Smart TV and Yahoo Widget Applications
  • DLNA Media Server Installation/Configuration/Troubleshooting For Smart TVs
  • Secure Remote-Access Systems
  • GUI Revamps
  • PDA Applications
  • Home and Business Intranet Networks
  • Home and Business WAN/VPN Networks
  • Radio-Based Long Range Private IP Networks
  • MCE Elevator Control Software Consulting
  • MEFI Consulting
  • CA Unicenter Security Consulting
  • Board-Level Electronic Repair
  • Legacy Systems Repaired and Software-Supported - Drivers Written
  • Website Management and Update Maintenance
  • Reasonable Rates / Fixed-Price Development Contracts Available / Maintenance Contracts Available

For more information call 631.244.8405 or send your questions in non-disclosure confidence to: contact@(this site)